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Six Ingenious Reasons to Hire a Freelancer

Have you ever found yourself wondering how a freelancer could benefit your business? In many organisations across the world, freelancers are becoming an extremely popular option instead of hiring a new employee.

The internet has given more freedom to businesses looking to hire for one-off projects or ad-hoc tasks. A freelancer usually has a bespoke set of skills that have been fine-tuned over their professional career, this allows them to bring many advantages to your organisation. Let’s get started on the top 6 benefits of hiring a freelancer!

1. Save Money

Hiring a freelancer can work out significantly cheaper for your business in the long run, especially as many of the costs associated with a new employee are avoided. Unlike an employee, freelancers are a temporary extension to your team. You pay them for the contracted work only and do not have to worry about monthly salaries, PAYE or employee benefits.

2. Flexibility & Freedom

Choosing a freelancer brings added flexibility for both your business and the freelancer. They provide quick access to skills for one-off projects or temporary tasks and are often happy to work flexible hours including weekends. So, you need a leaflet designed for this weekend’s trade exhibition? Not a problem, many freelancers are happy to put in the hours where needed, even for those last-minute deadlines.

3. Specialised Expertise

Freelancers are experts within their field and can provide skills that may not be readily available within your current team. For example, imagine your business needs a new website, it would be time-consuming and costly to train a member of your team for this one-off task. A freelancer within this field would require no training, they would be able to provide you with a professional service and use their skill set which is actively fine-tuned on a daily basis.

4. Independence

Due to the nature of the work, freelancers are used to working independently and require very little hand-holding. Unlike an employee who receives a guaranteed salary at the end of the month, freelancers only get paid for the work they carry out. This gives excellent motivation to provide a service second to none and complete each of the tasks to the highest of standards, within the allocated time-frame.

5. Space Saving

When it comes to hiring a freelancer you don’t have to worry about desk space and equipment. Most already have a devoted office/working space and their own equipment to complete the work on. This alleviates the cost and need for an extra body in the office and the need to maintain and provide office equipment.

6. Compliment your Team

It is a common misconception that freelancers are unable to work as part of a team. Freelancers can be a great temporary addition to your team and work with existing members to successfully complete a number of projects. This is especially true when choosing to use the same freelancer time and time again. Freelancers allow you to fully utilise your team’s time, complete those tasks there just isn’t time for and have work completed at a professional standard.

If you have a large project you want to get started on or a few ad-hoc tasks you need to complete, get in contact today to find out how we can help you and your team!

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