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In a lifestyle where everyone is always checking their smartphones and emails on the go while watching TV, and even in Bed! It is easy for your emails to be lost in all the digital noise and number of daily distractions. Just think of all the digital communications you have seen today. From social media to targeted advertising you have probably been bombarded with over 100 forms of communication, but how many do you remember?  

Everything from the time your email is sent, its physical appearance, and content have an impact on whether your email is remembered. At Ingenious Marketing, we work to design and send targeted emails that are not only opened but stand out from all of the digital noise. 

Template Creation

Whether it be for a monthly newsletter or one-off email communication to your subscribers, we build you a flawless and responsive email design that ticks all the boxes.

Content Creation

Not sure where to start or don't have the time to write the content for your email? Give us the basic information and we can put together some content along with the design, ready for you to approve. We can even do some testing to see what works best with your audience.

Campaign Reporting

It's not over once the email is sent! Shortly after your email has been sent we compile reports and statistics to find out exactly how your campaign has performed. This data can then be used going forward to optimise the performance of any future campaigns.

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